Trumpism on the Other Side of the Pond

The United Kingdom has voted to break free of the European Union, sending shock waves across the world.

Did anyone think it would actually happen? The pro-leave group probably would’ve thought it was too much to hope for. I’ll bet they could hardly believe the good news when they learned it.

In contrast, the mainstream media are shocked at the turn of events.

An excerpt from the Spiegel Online reads as follows:

“The United Kingdom is leaving! You have to write it again just to believe it. Brexit is no longer merely the subject of pub talk. It is reality. The nightmare has come true and Europe is bewildered about what happened.”

Now they and the rest of the mainstream media are busy feverishly forecasting all kinds of bad consequences for the United Kingdom — and indeed the rest of the world — over the folly of opting to leave the European Union. But the British voters will ignore these prophets of doom just as they did their earlier warnings leading up to the referendum.

The unsavory truth for the mainstream media is that they no longer have much sway in driving public opinion. Finally, the majority have wised up to their agenda to support special-interest globalists.

More than anything, the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union was a vote against open borders and unfettered immigration.

From an American perspective, it was a case of Trumpism on the other side of the pond.