New Poll: The Clinton-Trump Race Is Too Close to Call

According to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today, Donald Trump (40%) has caught up with Hillary Clinton (42%), or at least close enough as makes no difference.

Nevertheless, in the opinion of American voters, neither candidate is good presidential material.

Even so, it’s quite a bounce-back for the Donald after the brutal two weeks he had to endure recently as a consequence of bad-mouthing that Mexican American judge so inappropriately over the Trump University case.

Trump really needs to curb his impulsiveness before it gets him past the point of no return — in a bad way — with the American voters.

And he also needs to understand that the teleprompter is his best friend. He is way too prone to letting slip ill-considered remarks when he makes the off-the-cuff speeches he so prides himself on being able to do.

He’ll never forgive himself if, after successfully seeing off sixteen other candidates for the GOP nomination, he throws it all away now with only Hillary Clinton left standing between him and the White House.