Guess What? The Constitution Allows for a Temporary Muslim Immigration Ban After All

Turns out The Donald isn’t quite the Constitutional ignoramous Hillary, the Dems, bookwaving-Khan and the mainstream media have been raising such a cocophony about.

While Hillary Clinton and her Democrats are trying to sell Khizr Khan as a constitutional expert, the reality is that the Constitution allows Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigrants from terror-related countries. However, if a liberal justice takes Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, the ban would be struck down nonetheless.

Donald Trump has refined his proposal over the past couple months. His final position is that the United States should temporarily bar Muslim immigrants from certain countries where we know terrorists are training or operating, as well as from countries where U.S. authorities cannot adequately vet potential immigrants. Rather than a permanent ban, such a prohibition would be in place only until federal authorities can define the scope of the threat of radical Islamic terrorists infiltrating this country, and fully investigate all prospective immigrants.

Clinton, liberal Democrats shout that such a policy is unconstitutional. They are now joined by Khan, a foreign lawyer the Left laughingly advertises as a constitutional expert, despite the fact that Khan is an ordinary lawyer who does not litigate constitutional law cases, does not teach constitutional law, and has never published a scholarly work on the Constitution. With “experts” like Khan, it’s no surprise that they’re wrong.