Trump’s brand new America First party

In the view of many, Donald Trump’s phenomenal presidential election victory — that shook America and the world — came to pass in the nick of time to change the outlook for America from dismal to great.

And come January 20, the way will be clear for Trump to start the process of instituting — through congress, not executive action — the policy promises that got him elected.

If there are losers in this new era, it won’t be conservatives. It will be the ruling class of political operatives who want to rush for the exits. And good riddance. They are the ones who gave us 15 years of malaise.

Conservatives shouldn’t fret too much over Trump’s deviations from Reagan policies. So far the Cabinet appointments and the policy priorities of his incoming administration have been nearly impeccable.

He’s also showing a willingness to reach out to the other side to score policy victories and avoid paralysis. That is right out of the Reagan playbook. The Gipper was a master political strategist, perhaps even more than he was an orthodox conservative. That’s how you rack up victories that are durable, a lesson Barack Obama never learned.

Trump’s party is an America First party. He is likely ‎to end the left’s unpatriotic policies that always apologize to the rest of the world for our nation’s faults.   It’s about time we put American workers first, just as Trump did when he negotiated to save 1,000 Carrier jobs that were headed to Mexico. That’s leadership.

I’m not cheerleading here. A lot can go wrong with this experiment. But it is simply a reality that the Republican Party has moved in a new direction, with a new voting bloc behind it.

Voters seem to know something big is on the way. Look at how investor and consumer confidence has soared since Election Day.