Socking it to the fake news “paragons of ethics”

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr writes:

Keep blasting the fake news media, Mr. President!

It’s great stuff. We love it. There’s nothing wrong with calling out these lying alt-left frauds. On the question of calling out one’s enemies, Harry S. Truman once summed it up well.

“I never did give them hell,” he said. “I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

If you were watching the also-ran cable news channels Friday afternoon, you would have thought a disaster on the magnitude of a combined 9/11 and Pearl Harbor had just occurred at the Trump White House.

“Appalling!” said the fake news Washington Post.

“Unprecedented!” hissed the very fake news Clinton News Network.

What had happened was, several of the alt-left media outlets had been turned away from an informal White House press briefing.

One of those banned was the failing New York Times. Earlier this month, a New York Times reporter slurred the immigrant First Lady of the United States as a “hooker.” Last week an equally deranged Times columnist called the president a “cancer.”

In Carr’s words: “It’s astonishing that he, or anyone else, has to endure the slings and arrows of the forked-tongue alt-left media, always more than a little shady, but now totally out-of-the-closet corrupt.”

Read the full article, which highlights more unsavory stuff associated with some of the alt-left media’s “paragons of ethics” who preach to the public.