Rumors of Trump’s Demise Are, Yet Again, Greatly Exaggerated

“The ‘experts’ are once again prematurely declaring President Trump’s political demise. By now, they should respect his resilience more and the polls a lot less. Trump is safe as long as his political opponents remain even weaker.”

That’s right. Donald Trump is a past master of the art of turning seeming defeat, into actual victory.

CNBS’s Jake Novak writes:

Welcome to the Donald Trump status reality check for dummies, part 276.

It seems like the established political and punditry world needs many frequent reminders about President Trump’s resilience every time he goes through a wounding incident like he is now with the beating he’s taking over his response to the violent protests in Charlottesville last weekend.

So here are the several reasons why President Trump is simply down, but not out in any permanent sense. There are four key things to remember:

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