‘He’s Anti-Left, Anti-PC, Anti-Stupid’: Trump Supporters in Their Own Words

“The Guardian interviewed 9 people at the president’s rally in Phoenix about why they voted for him, how they rate his first months in office and what they think of his response to the deadly clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

The first person interviewed was “Sylvia Allen, 70, former property saleswoman, now an Arizona state senator”:

Trump is a breath of fresh air. He’s totally not a political person. He’s a businessman: he’s anti-left, he’s anti-PC, he’s anti-stupid. He just wants to go in and make the best deal for Americans that he can.

Of course he’s not racist. That’s a label people want to put on someone when they don’t agree how to solve a problem. You don’t see the issue, so you attack. That’s the way the left has operated in our country very effectively.

Both sides were wrong in Charlottesville. Everyone has a right to peacefully protest under the first amendment but this was a form of domestic terrorism: the left started it and the white supremacists helped it explode. Trump was trying to say Nazism and Marxism are on the same spectrum: they want to control how you think, how you live.

I support a border wall. We absolutely have the right as a society to protect our safety as a country. We also need to reform our legal immigration process.

Middle America, the middle class, the blue-collar workers, the small-business owners like hearing from our president, but the media in our country is leftist. They can’t get the real story. The media has lost all integrity: they’re a disgrace. They’ve sold their souls for political gain. People want a president who is not politically correct, who will say it like it is and will not do it because he wants to get elected.

The ninth person interviewed was Isaac Powell, a 19-year-old student. Powell’s mother is Japanese and his father is African-American:

I voted for him because of diversity. He actually practices diversity unlike liberals, who don’t practice diversity. Obama had this whole country thinking about skin colour. Trump doesn’t look at skin colour. He doesn’t label anyone who’s non-white a minority, just people. Skin colour is colour, not culture. His cabinet is nothing to do with skin colour: they’re right for the job.

Both sides in Charlottesville are bad. He’s absolutely right. The Antifa [anti-fascist groups] are the equivalent of the KKK and both were responsible. Antifa is the KKK, just without the history. The Confederate flag is not racist: only 5% of slave owners had the Confederate flag; the US flag is more racist. Do you think I’d be that stupid to vote for an actual racist to be in office?

CNN and MSNBC are complete bullshit. They label the Antifa as peaceful protesters.

Thirty other countries have a wall to protect against illegal immigration but [America] is the only one that gets called racist.

My dad and family are all Democratic except my grandfather. They’ve tried to change my mind but it doesn’t make sense to me what they say.

The other eight Trump supporters who were interviewed had pretty much the same positive things to say about Trump.