ISIS Identifies Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock As ‘Abu Abdul Bar al-AmrikI’

Although authorities insist they have no evidence connecting the Las Vegas shooter to international terrorism, ISIS “has claimed Paddock was one of its ‘soldiers’ who converted to Islam months ago” and whose Muslim name was “Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki.”

Michael S. Smith II, co-founder of terror analysis company Kronos Advisory, who regularly tracks ISIS activity, also confirmed to Newsweek the claim of responsibility and the claim about Paddock’s conversion.

After media continued to discredit the ISIS claims, the terrorist organization doubled down by sending out an official communique identifying Paddock as “Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki.”

“Steven Stalinsky, executive director of Middle East Media Research Institute, noted the language posted on the group’s Amaq news agency site matched the language of previous claims that turned out to be true,” saying that “in the past when they claim an attacker is a soldier, somehow there has generally been a connection.”