All hat, no decency  

Former Mayor of Cincinnati Ken Blackwell writes:

Texans have a saying for people who talk big but act small: All hat, no cattle. It’s hard to think of someone better fitting that description than Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida Democrat with a multitude of colorful hats but no decency.

Sgt. La David T. Johnson died fighting for his country and our freedoms. Sadly, there is nothing anyone can say to his widow, Myeshia Johnson, to take away her pain. Even a president who could movingly express the American people’s sense of loss — think President Ronald Reagan’s speech after the Challenger space shuttle disaster — couldn’t restore family members’ personal loss.

President Donald Trump tried and didn’t succeed with Ms. Johnson. Neither is to blame. She had just received the worst news imaginable. He wasn’t trained for such a difficult task.

But why is Big Hat Wilson involved? She said she was “horrified” by what the president said. Of course, she’s a liberal activist. Anything he said would have horrified her. It’s hardly news when she trashes the president.

In fact, she is an experienced practitioner in the politics of demagoguery. The Rhinestone Cowgirl took advantage of an earlier tragedy — the shooting of Trayvon Martin — to score political points. No one benefited from her attempt to exploit his unfortunate death.

Now, she’s using the same tactic again, only this time taking advantage of the death of American soldiers confronting terrorists in the nation of Niger.